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    Aluminium construction<br>ALUX products are made of ENAW6060.T66 grade aluminium

    • Profile wall thickness for all profiles used - 2 mm, 
    • Width and length tolerance - 4 mm,
    • Tolerance of diagonal - 3 mm (the welding method produces different temperatures of the welded parts, this phenomenon results in twisting of the material). All our products are checked with a tolerance of 3 mm.

    Our products are welded, therefore they cannot be disassembled. Welds are cooked by CO2 or TIG (visible welds are completely ground smooth).

    We try to support Czech manufacturers, that is why we buy our welding machines from Czech company ALFA IN. 

    Surface treatment of metal

    Metal structures are powder coated (so-called coaxitized). This is a modern metal finishing technology that meets strict environmental criteria and guarantees a high-quality final powder coating.

    • In coaxing, powdered plastics are applied to the material by spraying in an electrostatic field, where the powder particles become electrically charged and adhere to the grounded painted object. The application of the powdered plastic is followed by firing of the product in a firing oven, where at a temperature of 160 to 220 °C the powder melts, hardens and adheres to the surface of the product.

    The surface is degreased and chemically pre-prepared prior to coaxing. The comaxite finish does not peel, spatter or crack.

    Wood maintenance

    The armrests and crossbars are made of exotic garapa wood. The wood is coated with oil (osmo garapa) in two layers. After drying, Osmo 3032 hard wax is applied in the last step. This process ensures that the wood is preserved at its best.

    • We save your time. That's why you get Osmo 3032 hard wax as a gift with each of our sets.
    • Recommended application once every 3 months.
    • All parts of the wood should be wiped dry of dirt before application.
    • Maintenance waxes can be found on our website or from your authorized Osmo dealer.