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    Why did we choose the exotic Garapa tree?

    When we were searching for a suitable wood that could effectively withstand the effects of the weather, and at the same time perfectly aesthetically complete the look of our garden furniture, we did not have to look for a long time. We tried several types of woody plants before we came to the conclusion that Garapa is the right choice and that its properties are its best calling card.

    Wood from the exotic Garapa tree, also known as “Brazilian Ash”, has a light yellow-brown color, which gradually changes to medium brown. Garapa wood is characterized by its strength, stability, and hardness.

    The above-average content of oily substances gives Garapa wood a high level of resistance to pests, fungi, and other negative influences.

    • Garapa is highly resistant to pests, water, and the effects of the weather
    • Garap wood is very hard, durable, stable, strong, and long-lasting
    • It has beautiful honey tones and an interesting structure
    • The great advantage is that the pigment does not leach out
    • After drying, it has an average density of 900 kg/m3

    How to treat wooden elements from Alux furniture?

    For each of our furniture sets, you will receive oil from the company OSMO as a gift, which is directly intended for this type of wood.
    The wood must be treated once a year. Simply apply the oil to a sponge and spread over all accessible surfaces of the wood. The wood will not lose its natural properties and it will revive the color.